Learn About The Work Our Campaign is Doing!

This is a Service Oriented Campaign.

We are not just here for photo opts.

We don't socialize with the powerful behind closed doors.

We are here to serve our community.

We will continue to serve our community whether we win or loose.

When our community needs us, we are there.

We Supported Black and Brown Protesters on the ground during George Floyd Protests in KC

We Provided

COVID-19 Relief

  • We Started a Facebook Group called KC Gig Workers, in collaboration with local artists and gig workers

  • Helped Seniors and At-risk people get groceries during Quarantine

  • Helped constituents to local resources​

  • Helped create a federal jobs program for artists with assistance from renowned MMT Economists


Conversion Therapy  in KCMO

  • We Banned Conversion Therapy for Minors to change their sexual orientation or gender identity in KCMO. A wide spread practice deemed torture by the UN with around a 50% suicide rate.

We Fought Off For-Profit Immigrant Detention Centers 

We Stood with Tenants as They Passed a Historic Tenant Bill of Rights Written by and For Tenants in KCMO

We Protested Financial Backers of Concentration Camps with #NeverAgainIsNow

WE Signed And CALLED for a Green New Deal with The

Sunrise Movement KC

We Went to the Border to See the Migrant Crisis Ourselves

We Stood Against Property Tax Assessments that Threatened to Displace Our People and Significantly Reduce Black and Brown Home-ownership in KCMO

We Stood in Solidarity with Indigenous Causes and the Water Protectors

We Organized Against Our State Legislature and Ashcroft to protect Our Right to Safe, Accessible Abortion Services

We  Helped Organize The First Marched for Trans Rights in Kansas City History!

We Organized Support for Lexington Animal Shelter when They got Flooded!

We Donated a Bunch of Books to Kids in Our Community!

We Don't Just Talk, We Act.

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