Our Team


Elyshya Miller

Elyshya is the backbone of our campaign. She has over 20+ years of organizing experience here in Kansas City, and got her degree in the streets, not the class room. Elyshya has worked with groups like ACORN, SEIU, Jobs With Justice, and KC Tenants. Her specialty is canvassing, particularly in areas most politicians would NEVER go. When Elyshya has your back, she has your back 110%.

We are so grateful to have her expertise, passion and spirit on our team. She could be anywhere else, get paid plenty more, but she is in this race for the long run.

She/Her | Campaign ManagerStaff Member


Delilah Wylde

Delilah Wylde is a student at UMKC studying Sociology and Political Science. She is a Queer, Trans-Feminine, Womxn with experience from organizing Queer and Trans Youth in St.Louis to being a former leader with KC Tenant's Strategy Team, helping to write and pass the Tenant Bill of Rights written by and for Tenants. Delilah will be graduating in the Fall then continue on to get a Masters in Social Work. Currently She is our Treasurer, and is doing a Summer Internship program with us through UMKC to complete her degree.  Delilah joined our team because of what it would mean to have a progressive, trans congress person in office that could actually be held accountable.

She/Her (D.W. Gordon) | Treasurer | Volunteer


Rachael Cady

Rachael Cady is a 51-year-old woman living in Kansas City. Rachael is a freelance lighting and projection designer working primarily in the entertainment industry. She has designed shows at many theatres in Kansas City and served as the resident designer for the Unicorn Theatre for 10 years. She also travels extensively designing, engineering and programming shows at many different venues. She also spends time teaching at universities and is a training specialist for a media server company called Green Hippo. She lives with her partner of 15 years, Margaret and their 3 puppies Cassie, Tessa, and Harley. Fun Fact: Rachael can be bribed with dark chocolate and never misses an opportunity to play Pickleball.

She/Her | VideographY & Canvasser | Volunteer


Amber Solomon

Amber Solomon is a creative professional with 10 years of experience in marketing, community relations, and event management. With her passion for creating environments that inspire personal growth Amber is dedicated to doing the right thing and making the inconceivable achievable. She has joined the team because equality should not be a bargaining chip.

She / Her | Media CoordinatorVolunteer