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The best policy, is policy that is written by and for the people closest to the issue, not behind closed doors, but in co-governance with the people and their movements, in its most raw and pure form.

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As Kansas Citians, without local control of our police, a lack of sanctuary status, and and a slow moving path to decriminalization we can not ignore black and brown voices. 

In office, Maite will fight tirelessly against punitive and racist systems that plague our community and line the pockets of modern slave owners (Private Prisons).

There is no one policy that will solve systemic racism over night.

The best thing that a representative can do in these times is LISTEN.

The Movement for Black Lives, along with the many brown and indigenous movements fighting for justice are the experts in this fight.

The Movement calls for us to Value ALL Black Life, Defund the Police,

Abolish I.C.E,  and Decarcerate America.


That is what  they will do. 

Medicare for ALL

Health Care is a Right

Far too many of our people are going without health care or preventative healthcare. Healthcare regularly bankrupts families who were already existing on the margins. Medication is inaccessible for many, and many of us are afraid to call an ambulance because of the cost. This is why we need Medicare for All. Healthcare is a human right. By expanding the amount of people who can access healthcare, we will create thousands of new jobs in the medical sector. 


Our people also deserve access to sexual and reproductive health services for the modern era, that are comprehensive, respect the autonomy of people with uteruses, advocate for healthy understandings of consent and relationships, and acknowledge the existence and needs of queer and transgender communities. 


Our Healthcare Workers deserve proper safety equipment, hazard pay during ANY health crises, and access to the very services they provide.


We deserve healthcare free from disparities between marginalized peoples and that reflects compassion instead of greed.


Finally, we need to fund public health seriously, implement harm reduction, treat minority stressors as the health crisis they are, and work together to protect each other's minds, bodies and spirits from harm and illness.

To learn more about Medicare for ALL and similar initiatives click here 



We are facing the most daunting time in human history in terms of the climate crisis. An ecological breakdown that could make the planet as we know it, inhabitable to those who can not afford clean air and clean water.  We need representatives who will fight for environmental justice by supporting legislation like the Green New Deal. As we’ve seen recently, we can have a dramatic effect on our environment in a short amount of time. In order to ensure humanity’s survival, and protect climate refugees, we cannot back down on this. We need  new voices in office, ones that will champion the environment and health of the world's citizens above profit and seek environmental justice that is grounded in respect for black, brown and indigenous communities alike. Ones who have the backs of groups like The Water Protectors, who fought to kill the black snake by stopping the North Dakota Access Pipeline. That is why I signed a pledge with Sunrise Movement KC, a grassroots, youth-led organization, to both not accept fossil fuel money, and back the Green New Deal when I am in office. 

To Learn more about the Sunrise Movement KC click here

No Profiteering On Stolen Land.

Housing is a Right.

In the richest country in the world, that has around three houses to every person, there is no reason anyone should be without a home.

We are in the midst of a housing crisis, with a rentier class, of land owning people who live solely off the backs of the poor and the vulnerable and a growing population of people who are unhoused within dangerous climates with a lack of community resources to adequately protect our people without shelter. Kansas City, and much of Missouri, is bought and sold to out of state, out of touch, absentee property owners, managed by unaccountable Limited Liability Companies that use the legal system's shortcomings and corruption to game the system and reap profits off the suffering of our people.

In congress, I will support a Tenant Bill of Rights, written by and for tenants, that put them on the same level as their property owners as close to the first drafts of the Tenant Bill of Rights written by KC Tenants here in Kansas City, WITH enforcement.

I will also support a the Homes Guarantee proposed by the People's Action, in coordination with tenant unions across the nation, that declares housing a human right, and is a first step to decommodification of housing, so that homes are not a commodity but a place for people to live, and that no person will go unhoused in the richest country in the world.

This issue is deeply personal for much of our team, with two members being deeply involved in Kansas City Tenant Organizing in its early stages.

To Learn More about community organizing efforts around housing in the Kansas City Metro Area please check out kctenants.org. They do some amazing work and are the real experts on this issue.

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