Note: The best way to figure out who a candidate truly represents is to look at who funds their campaigns, hence the journalistic cliche "Follow the Money".


MG Salazar For Congress, our campaign committee, only takes money from from Individual Donors, complying with FEC regulations, with a maximum contribution per fiscal year. Not many candidates will make it easy to find out who funds their campaigns or how they spend their money, and how they are funded by private interests that use campaign contributions to buy access to our representatives time and influence policy.

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Follow Our Money

Our current PAY TO WIN system of politics is a green light for CORRUPTION


We, along with many progressive candidates throughout Missouri, adamantly oppose the notion that people with more money get more of a say in our government and commit to a campaign finance platform that is grounded in transparency.

Until comprehensive campaign finance reform is passed and enforced to reflect core values of democracy, we will be as transparent as possible regarding our finances.


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