Maite Salazar

Pronouns:  They / Them

Raised in Kansas City.

Studied Political Science at: 

University of Missouri - Kansas City

 Universidad de Belgrano

Maite's passion for making change started very young. Their first time "organizing" was when they were a little kid, advocating for animal rights with plans to send a "Barbie Jeep" to save endangered animals from poachers. As they grew up, they got involved in the Anti-War movement during the Bush Administration, at the age of 17 going as far as participating in a direct action when President Bush was in town, that was powerful enough that he thought it was best to run from his car to the building of the event, rather than confront the protest.

This was the start of Maite putting themselves on the front lines of movements seeking justice.


One of the most memorable movements they were a part of was the North Dakota Pipeline Shutdown protests facilitated by the Water Protectors. During the protests, Maite raised thousands of dollars to support Water Protectors on the front lines, and even joined the front lines themselves, witnessing/experiencing first hand the full barrage of human rights violations and police brutality facilitated by the United States Government, North Dakota and Private Police forces on their fellow peaceful protesters.

As far as their adult life, Maite has worked Service Industry jobs for over 17 years, at restaurants, bars, call centers and more. Customer Service is one of their greatest skills.

The also have published three books, and was assistant to Antoni for Season 3 and 4 of Grammy Award Winning, Netflix Original Show, Queer Eye : Kansas City. They also have spoken at almost every University in the Kansas City area, including some guest lecturing for The Art Institute and Park University, as well as worked as a cultural reporter and music reviewer for KCUR.

They are no a millionaire. Not groomed by any party. Not from a political family. Just a regular working class person with some powerful experiences who saw an opportunity to make a difference for the people of 5th district and the took it.


Why Challenge an Incumbent Democrat?

I Believe in direct democratic representation, and that reaching your representative should be EASY and NORMAL.


That a representatives responsibility is to be an ACTIVE member of community, not just a public figure who shows up for photo ops and fancy closed door fundraisers and events.


I support Progressive Polices my opponent doesn't believe in.

Not enough change has happened in the past 15 years with the seat and power that has been granted to their opponent. He almost lost their last congressional election, and its time for him to go.

There are plenty of small things that we could get out of the way to improve peoples lives that would take very little effort to change, that should just be done already.

I'm here to stay, and I am gonna keep challenging incumbents until they are replaced by people who understand what being a representative is REALLY about.

They / Them

I can't ask you to vote for me because I am Non-Binary. Or based solely on any of the identities I hold as a marginalized person. There are plenty of people who exploit their identities for political gain and do nothing to actually impact the community they claim to represent, or only represent the most privileged of their community.

I do, however, promise to Queer Congress.

What does that mean?

It means challenge the status quo.

Agitate Cisgender and Heterosexual Peers to reflect on their values.

Make it clear that Queer and Trans people are present, and not going anywhere without a fight.

In many Indigenous Cultures, like the ones of my ancestors, Transgender and Gender Variant people were REVERED and CELEBRATED.

And I will bring that philosophy to congress, because they still should be.

To learn more about my experience as a Non-Binary person, watch the video below highlighting my experience at the First Trans March in Kansas City.

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